Monday, June 8, 2009

Almost 5 months already!

Lydia is almost 5 months old! We have started trying cereal, she seems to like it and is an eager eater. SHe can lock her knees to stand up on you lap for a brief time. She is starting to search out what she wants. Today she was on her back on her playmat and her rattle was nearby and she found it and grabbed it. ON sunday we put her in her car-seat to get to church and we always clip her paci on to the strap so we don't lose it and its there when she needs it. When we got to church we were mildly surprised to find the paci in her mouth correctly.

When my mom was here a week ago we went to Leu Gardens, a public garden here in Orlando. This isa coomon occurance of Lydia deciding there is a better way to use her paci.

She is starting to get bored in her bouncer and playmat. So it was time for the next big toy. This is her Jumper. She is suspended in it and can jump in it has she gets the hang of it.
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