Monday, June 15, 2009


I"m home resting since I have been sick since friday, mostly no voice and a horrible cough. Today Bob stayed home from work to help me care for Lydia and keep things going at home. With VBS this week our evenings don't exist. This afternoon I was resting in our room and Lydia began to fuss. Bob has a shorter tolerance for crying babies than I do. But I did not want to jump on him trying to handle it and stayed resting. I could tell what he was doing wasn't working and got up to assist him. It is in these moments in our life as a family that we are continually reminded how God brought us together and how we are a perfect match. For the most part when one of us is tired the other is able to care for Lydia. Bob is not cut out to stay home with Lydia for 9 hours a day, every day like i do. And with her around I have no desire, at least for now, to do anything but care for our daughter. As a family we have made sacrifices for me to stay home. But for us it is worth it. I have left many doors open to work at a later date both in video production and teaching swim lessons. But for now I am Lydia's mommy. Both Bob and I feel that we are doing exactly what God wants us to do right now. Bob has the job that he was created for and I am enjoying this sweet and precious time watching our daughter grow.

Though it is exciting that one of my video projects is being shown at VBS tonight during the missions rotation by my wonderful husband, in place of the provided video clip.
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