Tuesday, July 7, 2009

6 months

Lydia will be 6 months on friday. Time is going so fast. I was visiting a friend today with a month old baby. She seemed so small. Lydia is growing and changing so fast. Today i put her down for a nap on her back and checked on her later and she was on her side and when I went to wake her up she was awake and on her tummy pushing up looking around. SHE ROLLED OVER, the other 180 degrees we have been waiting for. We are starting to be more serious about feeding her solid food, or at least something more that breastmilk. I'm not sure if the puree counts as a solid substance.

We skipped all the formal 4th of July events in our area. We decided not to risk a meltdown with Lydia. But apparently the laws about fireworks are not as strict as IL. There were fireworks going off in every neighborhood that we could see from our street. And the moment we walked outside we could smell the explosives. Lydia had no trouble sleeping through it all so that was good. The other highlight of our weekend was we officially joined our church. Not that it changes anything we have already gotten involved. Bob is doing multimedia once again and we both helped with vacation bible school.
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