Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heren Update

Last weekend we said good bye to some new and dear friends. They have now moved to Nigeria this week to work for Wycliffe. They had a party and baby dedication for their son Judah, who only a few weeks older than Lydia. I cannot imagine packing our life in to a few cardboard boxes and moving halfway around the world. I'm not opposed to the idea but it would be hard. Last week Lydia attended a birthday party for her friend Levi. He turned one. It was a monkey theme bash at the park. It was very humid but Lydia did well.

Oh and the biggest thing to happen in the last week was we celebrated 2 years of marriage. Bob bought me flowers on monday and I met him at work on Tuesday for lunch. I took a basket with some goblets and a bottle of sparkling grape juice. We had a another family over for dinner on tuesday night and we are planning on going out tonight to celebrate. Bob fixed a computer for someone and they are repaying him with a night of baby-sitting. So far this marriage thing hasn't gotten hard. There are hard times but we are a team and weather the storms together. We have in our short marriage, moved twice, had a baby, lived in three states, visited 8 states and some how still love each other and enjoy sitting on the couch doing nothing.
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