Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grandma came to visit

Grandma came to visit again recently. She had to get in one last visit before she started work again with the new school year. We did several things together but mostly she just liked seeing her growing granddaughter.

One of the things we did was go to IKEA. We bought Lydia a better high chair. It is smaller and pulls right up to the table. I think you can see that she likes it too. She has pretty well mastered the sippy cup and she like to chew on her new colorful spoons.
We also went to the beach. We all got to go in the water this time. It was Lydia's first time in the ocean. She wasn't so sure about it. We first put her in her pool floatie. And i also stood her up in the surf. She didn't sleep on the way to the beach so she might have just been tired. She likes the pool. We have discovered that she doesn't like to share the back seat. Any time we have 3 adults in the car and it is a long drive she fusses and won't sleep. But if you cover her car-seat so she can't see the other person she is fine.
The last night grandma was here, Bob had plans to be out in the evening so the girls had some fun too. We went to Downtown Disney and saw an exhibit about Princess Diana. It included a dozen of her royal gowns. One of my favorites was a green velvet gown that finger smudges right above the knee from a 4 year old Prince William. As a mother it was a precious sight to see. After we saw the show we went to a nearby IHOP for pancakes. There was a balloon artist who made Lydia a rattle. He even put sugar in the bell so it would make noise. Note to Self: Sugar in balloon = entertainment for hours.

We had a good visit. The last day was stressful only because my implant cap fell off and I lost the tooth. I was able to get it fixed the next day. Thank God for insurance.
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