Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mommy and Me Adventure

Last Thursday we arranged for me to have the car so Lydia and I could get out. But as of Wednesday night we did not have anything planned to do, no errands or playdates. So I contemplated going to Kennedy Space Center by our selves. When we went the first time my pass was upgraded to an annual pass by my mom so I could go with my dad a month later for a discount. There were some exhibits and shows that I did not get to see either time I went, that I wanted to see. And it is good for Lydia to get out and have a change of scenery and stimulation. So we packed a special backpack to have all our things in it, diaper bag and purse. And drove to the coast. We ate lunch and the saw the daily Astronaut Encounter presentation, where past astronauts share their experiences and answer questions. We also walked through an exhibit on the robot space explorers, and watched a short movie summary of the space program since the Apollo program started. Our adventure was a success. We have gone out a lot so far but never so far away by ourselves. There is another new exhibit on the tour at Kennedy that we will go back and see, but the line was long and the weather hot.

(picture: eating lunch at Kennedy)
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