Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moving and Shaking

Lydia is growing everyday and she won't let us forget it. She likes to keep things new and fresh for her parents. This past week we dealt with constipation witch effected her meal times and diet, Fussy bedtimes, a scared mommy, new mobility, and attachment to mommy. We discovered bananas should not be a large part of her diet. Both Saturday and Sunday Lydia took an unusual amount of time to fall asleep screaming for hours. It did not make for peaceful nights for mommy and daddy. We don't know what caused ti but we are very thankful it is over. Friday I had a close call in the Publix parking lot, with a vehicle backing up into the stroller. Lydia slept through the whole ordeal but I was quite shaken. This weekend Lydia has started playing favorites and reaching for me. This could make life more interesting. She also discovered she could pull on us and stand up from sitting. she isn't crawling yet but scooting and lunging forward more. she is also falling forward on to her tummy from sitting. Mommy and daddy are now jungle gyms to be crawled all over at all times. And glasses are as fun as ever to pull on. Everyone is doing well and we are getting excited about the weather cooling off to leave the windows open more.
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