Monday, October 12, 2009

Gotta keep up

I haven't updated for a few weeks. And a lot has happened. We started leading a small group at church for young families. There weren't any choices for families with children, and childcare can get expensive. We are meeting twice a month, and have met twice so far. We are going to be studying Galatians.

Since Lydia is getting older, it is important that we continue to introduce her to more foods especially finger foods. She enjoyed feeding herself these frozen blueberries.

I went to a park downtown with some friends and was interviewed for the Evening News. We missed the newscast so I don't know if I made it on TV or not. It was a man on the street interview about the new city budget and how the budget cuts will affect the city's park maintenance.

Lydia learned to crawl! One evening she was sitting on the floor playing by herself and suddenly she was 8 ft away. This is definatly made our lives more interesting. Today while I ate breakfast at the table. She was playing on the floor and decide to come see me and climb up my chair. It was very sweet.

Her crawling led to our next highlight which was Garage Sale Saturday. We ended up going to 3 sales at got a bunch of good deals. New Toys for Lydia, some movies, electronics, and a baby-gate. The sales were all big events, a moms of multiples, HS fundraiser, and a church rummage sale. My strategy for Garage Sales is find the big ones and forget the single family unless you know what they have.

This past week there was the Fall Scripture Celebration at Wycliffe. 17 new copies of scripture were dedicated. Collectively these translations will be read by over 1/2 million people! The celebrations are a reminder of how good we have it in America with so many translations to choose from. These translations are the first copies of scripture that these people groups can truly understand.

This weekend we enjoyed a relaxing time together has a family with an extra amount of cuddling. Lydia had a fever and enjoyed being in our arms. She had her previously scheduled 9 month well baby check up today, and is feeling much better. Her stats are:21 lbs, 29 in.
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