Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guest Blogger: Bob

Cynthia has been too busy to write an update doing justice to our
recent vacation, so she tasked me with doing so instead. So, here

On October 15 we flew out of Florida, arriving in Indianapolis in the
afternoon and driving to Cynthia's house with her parents. We found
out that Lydia had her first tooth pop through while we were in the
airport. The next day we spent the day with my grandparents in Dixon
(the second time they'd seen Lydia), and went to J.P. Dixon's wedding,
which was that evening. We returned to Champaign, where the next day
we attended Nick Hobson's wedding to Sarah Beard, where we met my
brother and a bunch of other friends from Carbondale. Many of them got
to see Lydia for the first time, so she seemed like the center of
attention other than the newlyweds themselves. After the weddings, we
visited Cynthia's grandparents after church on Sunday, and they got to
see and play with Lydia, which was the first time they'd gotten to do
so. The next three days were spent mostly relaxing, with Cynthia
meeting a few people around Champaign.

We took the train down to Carbondale the next Thursday. My Dad hadn't
seen Lydia yet, so he was happy to get to play with her. The whole
family had a great time with her, and just spending time together. We
also got to go to Chi Alpha and see lots of old friends there and hear
Pastor Dale just like old times, go hiking in Giant City, have fun at
the church hayride at the Hindman's house, and go to church on Sunday.
After church we had lunch with Pastor Dale and with Enoch & Tina Paul,
who have a little boy a few months younger than Lydia. All went quite
well, and although it was cold and rainy a couple days it was nice to
be able to spend time with everyone. On October 28 we returned from
vacation in Illinois. All three of us had a terrific time.

I think it was a great vacation because although we enjoyed each part
of it and did pretty much everything we were hoping, it was just long
enough that we were ready to get back home again by the end of it. Any
longer and we would've been really sick of living out of suitcases and
trying to get Lydia to be happy sleeping in the Pack'n'Play.
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