Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am thankful for a healthy family and the ability to celebrate with them.

For thanksgiving this year Bob's family joined us in Florida to celebrate. So we had a group of 8 +Lydia. They arrived on Tuesday night and We split up on Wednesday to enjoy the city. Beth, Bob and I went to Campus Crusade and saw the Jesus Film tour. It was about how the work they are doing in sharing the Gospel of Jesus with a movie dubbed into the local languages. This is possible through a partnership with the translation Wycliffe Bible Translators does. We also met some of the staff of Global Media Outreach, another department at Crusade that uses the internet and Evangelistic websites to reach people. Beth met an international student in Carbondale who learned about Jesus and became a christian through one of these sites.

Peter and Dana went to Kennedy Space center and enjoyed all there was there to see about the space program. Our other friends arrived Wednesday night in time to go out for Bob's birthday which was Monday before everyone arrived. WE went to Downtown Disney and ate at the Irish Pub. The food was yummy and the rain held off for us. We finished the night with some excellent ice cream from Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop.

With so many visitors I was a bit overwhelmed so we canceled the traditional Thanksgiving feast and instead went to the beach and at seafood at Cocoa Beach Pier. It was enjoyable to look out the window and watch the surfers and cruise ships while we ate.
Friday we all said goodbye after eating breakfast together one last time.

Bob and I did the last of our Christmas shopping as we braved the outlet mall on Friday afternoon. And used the second day of Peter's Kennedy Space Center ticket to go to the Shuttle Launch Experience and watch a special movie we hadn't seen before about the International Space Station.
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