Friday, December 18, 2009

Lydia's first concert

One of the season things in the area is "Light Up UCF" It is 50 nights of lights and music on one of the university campuses. We looked at it to pick a night to go and dicovered there was a Jars of Clay concert. It was free, outdoors and christmas. Perfect for us. So we went last night to see what Light UP uCF was all about. There was fake ice skating, pictures with santa, a Ferris wheel and carrousel. We walked around and enjoyed the concert. We had bought the latest CD from Jars of Clay so we knew all the music.
Because it was outside we didn't have to worry about the noise level for Lydia. We didn't know how busy the place would be or where the concert was so we didnt take the stroller for Lydia, but instead took our carrier for her. The last time she rode in it was hiking in October in IL. THis was the last time she will rode in it. She was too tall we discovered when we put her in it. She had a ball getting to see everything. For a time she rode on my shoulders and she really like that. A radio station was giving out glow sticks. She really liked hers, she wouldn't let go of it at all.

Here is Lydia with the stage in the background. It was so dark so the picture isn't great. She was all giggles and had a great time.
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