Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So a couple important people celebrated birthdays recently. I'm sure you are waiting for the pictures and stories.
Our birthday started uneventful with a calm morning and Lydia playing in her special birthday dress. We left extra early for church because we were getting Lydia dedicated. Its similar to infant baptism but we don't believe in baptizing infants. That should be a choice the person makes for themselves later. It was a good thing we left early for church because one of our tires went flat on the way to church. Bob graciously changed it while we waited and still made it to church on time. Lydia did really well during the service and went to the nursery shortly after she was done being cute.
So after church we a busy day. Lydia had to get a good nap before the party started, Bob had to go tot he store and get new tires, and I had to clean and get everything ready for the party. When Bob got home with the new tires, I had to go out and get the cake. Which they spelled our names wrong, both of them, on both cakes.

THe party went well Lydia had 4 friends come with their families. We had a full house. When you buy a full size cake at the grocery store they give you a special cake for the baby to smash and play in. The Smash Cake. Lydia did get in to hers, but not as much as some kids. When she decided she was done with her cake she pushed it off her highchair on to the floor. It was all very enjoyable and wonderful. I did learn that kid birthday parties are a lot of work!
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