Sunday, January 3, 2010

For new years we all got bad colds so for the second year in a row we didn't celebrate at midnight. We were all sleeping. Bob even stayed home from work 2 extra days. We all got spoiled with the vacation time. Lydia is moving towards walking and lets go a little more often to stand on her own. She is walking on her knees quite often, didn't know that was in the process of learning to walk. We spent some time outside yesterday and she explored the whole front yard or at least the paved areas. She is getting more adventurous. She has figured out how to put things inside of each other now. She will drop the balls down the chute of her toy and put her cups inside each other. She still prefers to pull everything out of a container more than put it all back in. The new trike she got for christmas brings lots of excitement for walks and she uses it to walk in the house but pushing it backwards in the house. She will be walking before we know it, in the mean time we will enjoy every minute of it.
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