Sunday, February 28, 2010

More at Seaworld

We went again a week ago to SeaWorld and explores some areas we hadn't the first time. Lydia was quite excited to be going back to the park.
We packed our dinner and hung out in the kids area called Shamu's Happy Harbor. There is a set of steel drums for kids to play. Lydia enjoyed listening to other kids play and trying herself.

We went late in the afternoon so there wasn't much crowd. And we stayed until they closed. We got to see 2 street shows. The first was a group of three fishermen comically loading a box onto a cart. And the second was 5 guys on stilts. 3 were playing drums and the other 2 were acrobats. A friend of ours helped develop the stilt drummer act. Shamu's happy harbor had some small rides for families and also a huge play structure. It is 3 stories tall! Under the structure there are 2 sand pits for younger children.
We spent some time in one of them introducing Lydia to sand. Our other option for the day was to go to the beack but we weren't sure about the wind, second best was sand at SeaWorld. She did taste it and decided it wasn't that great. We also rode the carrousel. Lydia wasn's sure about being on the animals so we ended up on a bench seat.
We also walked around a lot and saw the underwater viewing for the Killer Whales.
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