Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pillows and Chasing Lydia

We changed the curtains in our living room 2 months ago from a turquoise to a nice warm golden/burnt orange. And to go along with them I set out to make throw pillows that matched. We had throw pillows, but they were just a random assortment that I had made for fun or had been collected. Now they match! One step close from a house to a home.

Lydia has taken off. She can be chased now. She is off and going on her own 2 feet. She enjoys being outside more than inside and cries when its time to come in. I guess we have a Florida baby. She has also started making an "I don't know" expression with her hands. Its very cute.

Since she is walking so well now we can run short errands without a stroller. We went to the grocery store and library today. She walked in and rode in the cart at the store. And at the library she walked until she began difficult and then she was hoisted on my back in her Ergo carrier, which she loves riding in. Its like a piggyback. And she was content on my back until it was time to leave.
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