Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Bob was helping at church so us girls had a relaxing morning before going to church. Lydia got to open a bunch of eggs with baby safe food in it for her breakfast, cereal, yogurt covered raisins. We took some pictures outside in her dress before going to church. AFter church we got Fast food on the way home and had a leisurely afternoon. We also got our back porch cleaned up so we can enjoy it more has the weather is nicer. When daddy took Lydia for a walk he discovered that another tooth was very much present in her moth making the grand total of 5 teeth. Upon further investigation 2 more on the top will be coming in soon. Lydia dropped her sippy cup on mommy's foot and gave her a nice purple bruise. We had a fancier dinner in the evening and it was very yummy. I was even proud that everything was ready to eat at the same time. Lydia went to bed early and we finished the day with an 80s sci-fi movie "Wargames" and the first servings of strawberry shortcake of the season.
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