Friday, April 2, 2010

Grandpa came to visit

My dad had some training in Tampa so he extended his stay in FL and spent some time with us. The weather was great and he had relaxing time. WE went to SeaWorld on Saturday. The parking lot they made us park in was farther way so there was a tram to ride to the front gate. Lydia was such a big girl siting in her own seat.
We saw the Shamu Show (killer whale) and Clyde and Seamore show (otters & Sea-lions) . Ww also most of the animal exhibits and rides. Bob even went on the Manta Roller Coaster. Bob had to travel for work as well this week and his travels overlapped with Dad's so after we dropped Bob off at the airport we went back to SeaWorld on Monday evening and experienced it at night. There was a separate late night Shamu Show that we saw set to rock music. IT was more of an adult show than the daytime show called Believe. We also got to see fireworks. It was a great time had by all. Lydia was quite the party animal staying up so late.

Lydia enjoyed playing with Grandpa at home as well. They went for walks and trike rides. She showed of her skills at the park on the slide and they played with her train set at home. They had a grand time together.
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