Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend was wonderful time for our family. On Saturday we moved some furniture around to make space for the new baby. We consolidated the parents dressers and moved the second dresser to the nursery for influx of baby clothes. Lydia wasn't so sure about this big new thing in her room that wasn't a toy. We also found time to go swimming. Lydia has lots of fun in the pool this year. Her favorite activity is chasing some small balls that we throw. She also tries to blow bubbles, at least puts her open mouth down to the surface of the water. She likes to sit on the steps and splash too. On sunday we went to early church service because we wanted Lydia in the best mood for pictures. Our church has a tradition of taking free family portraits on Mother's Day. You get a free 8x10 if you return the following week to pick it up. They also gave all the mom's cookies during the service. The rest of my Mother's Day plans were a surprise. Bob wouldn't tell me until later on Sunday.
His surprise entailed dinner for 2 at a mexican restaurant and pre-arranged baby-sitting. He also gave me a necklace that I had picked out and hinted at. The dinner was wonderful. We were able to eat on the patio behind a fountain so despite the crowded place it felt very private. With the busyness in our family lately it was wonderful to focus on each other and reconnect. We were able to talk through many of the things we are planning and work on ways to stay on the same page. It was the perfect gift, just what I needed.

Me and My Kids at Disney World
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