Monday, June 28, 2010

IL trip

We have been very busy the last month. Lydia and I took a trip to IL just us girls. We met up with lots of family and friends and had a great time. WE started our trip in KY with Ezy and visited the Creation Museum near Cincinnati.

Next stop was with the Heren Grandparents. We had a great visit and visited several parks and the pool with Grandma. Uncle Peter was Lydia's best friend while were here.

Our Next Event on the schedule was a cousin's wedding. Here is the family all together. We all had a great time.

With the Erickson Grandparents we had a great time doing things I remember doing growing up. We met Grandpa at the park near his office for lunch one day and took Lydia to the petting zoo. Grandpa was introducing Lydia to the big turkey and peacocks in this picture.

One of our last stops on our travels was visiting Lydia's great grandparents. THey enjoyed watching Lydia play with her toys and share her books. Lydia enjoyed using the walker all over the room.
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