Monday, June 28, 2010

June Update

Lydia and I returned to a hectic schedule after our trip to IL. While we were gone, Bob also traveled for his job and was in PA for a week. The week we got back we taught Vacation Bible School. We taught the missions class together and had a great time. WE found missionaries our church supports and shared their stories with the children. Lydia had a great time in her class has well and made her first take home crafts. The curriculum was Saddle Ridge Ranch so one night everyone dressed in western wear. Check out Lydia in her cowpoke dress!

Bob was asked to assist with the summer internship program at Wycliffe so we have been busy with that. There are social events that we have been able to go to as a family. Recently we went to the beach with the interns and had a great time. There are also weekly dinner and worship nights and a few other special events.

Its hard to believe this new little baby will be here so soon. I am under 2 months until my due date. I am finally beginning to feel like I'm pregnant. Up until now I have had very few symptoms and have had lots of energy. IT has been great to have the energy but now its more of an adjustment to not feel so great and getting worn out so easily. My last appointments have gone well. My glucose test came back negative so I'm clear of Gestational Diabetes and have good iron levels. The midwife can feel the baby and he is already in the head down position. Lydia enjoyed helping listen to the baby's heartbeat at the last appointment, with a toy stethoscope on my belly next to the doppler the midwife was using. WE are enjoying our Bradley Childbirth class and learning a lot in it, even as second time parents.
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