Thursday, July 29, 2010

1 Month Left

The countdown begins, I had my 36 week appointment today for baby #2. Its starting to get uncomfortable and I'm getting a little anxious to meet the little boy. This pregnancy has been very different than our first. We have had different medical care and I have felt different as well. This time around I have felt great, barely feeling pregnant most days. I had some morning sickness early on but nothing too bad and it quickly subsided. For the most part my energy has been high as well. THis week as you saw on my previous post I had the energy to take Lydia, by myself, in the heat to SeaWorld. As we were not expecting our children to be quite so close in age it has been a blessing to feel so good and be able to enjoy Lydia's growth and development.

This pregnancy we chose early on to seek a different type of care than the OB care and hospital birth I had with Lydia. We chose to go to an independent birth center and midwife practice. There were several things surrounding our first birth experience that made me want to seek out other options this time. So far I have been very pleased with our choice and the care I have received. The down side is that to go to our chosen midwife we must drive 45 minutes one way for each appointment. The upside is that when we get there we don't wait long and our time with the midwife is usually 30-60 minutes of quality attention. One of the cool things that is different is that the midwives are skilled at feeling the babies position in my belly. So for about a month now they have told me definitively that baby is head down like he should be. With Lydia my OB sent me for an Ultrasound close to my due-date to make sure everything was positioned right. For the actual delivery things will look very different than with Lydia. The birth center is a stand alone office, not part of any hospital. The local hospital is located across the street but I won't be going there unless complications arise. I will arrive at the birth-center and have picked one of the 3 rooms. These rooms look like a nice bedroom and have bathrooms attached I will labor here and the midwives will be there along with birth assistants and student midwives. I will not be hooked up to any constant monitors and will be free to move around and get the baby out. WE have taken a 12 week Bradley Childbirth Class to help equip us to deal with the pain and process of childbirth. The class focuses on the Father being supportive and coaching the mother through the event and not just being a spectator. I know I am in good hands with Bob as my coach. The class has also been a bit of a date night for us to get out with out Lydia.

We are excited to meet our little boy soon and are hoping above all for a safe uncomplicated delivery and a healthy baby.
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