Monday, July 12, 2010

Celebrating Life

We just returned from a weekend trip to celebrate the life of my Grandpa who passed away in May. He would have been 90 later this month. And As of April had been married 66 years to his wife Ruth. The entire family was able come. All 4 Children, 6 Grandchildren, 3 Great-Grandchildren. Some of us had not yet met others in the family. Some of the sweet memories that were created for me were:

- The bolo Lydia picked out of his collections and wore the entire weekend. She has some play beads she likes to wear at home but this was extra special.

- Wearing Lydia on my back during the service at the church when I read a memory that was sent by another relative and having Lydia walk down the aisle to join her daddy when he did the same thing.

- Helping pick blueberries in Grandpa's garden. THis meant opening the cage they were planted in to protect them from the animals. Lydia got to enjoy some fresh of the bushes as she helped pick as well.

- Eating cold cuts all weekend long and just being together with family from far away. Having had my previous trip planned already Lydia was much more comfortable around family and warmed up to Grandma much better this trip.

- My grandma gave me a teddy bear that was my grandpa's it is wearing overalls and a hat. Much like Grandpa would look when he would go outside to work. I also was given his Master Gardener badge. As well as the tie that he wore at my wedding which I plan to make into a small purse.

Grandpa was a special man and impacted many lives. He was characterized at his service by his farm work/gardening and his faith. He was a special man.
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