Friday, July 2, 2010

Lydia is growing up

Lydia is being quite an active toddler these days. She appears to be getting her molars inso her eating has improved and she is not as inclined to stuff her face and takes smaller bites. She has also mastered the spoon. Yogurt and applesauce and be eaten independently with minimal mess. Her 2 newest toys are magnetic letters on the fridge and Mega Blocks. She enjoys being able to stack the blocks very high.

She has also learned in the last couple days to climb on to the couch. Nothing is safe anymore. She can climb up and plays there now. She is also starting to work on her vocabulary, with real words. We have heard: BYe-Bye, No, More, Car. Thank you, Coco, Yea. What a new adventure we are in for. Lydia got to practice again being a big sister. OUr friends have a little girl who is about a year younger than Lydia. WE let them borrow Lydia's jumper and Lydia shower her how to use it before they left.
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