Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a full and productive weekend. But we also didn’t do so much that we are worn out.

On Saturday, a friend alerted us about a garage sale in our neighborhood so we visited and got a bunch of clothes for baby Caleb for $.50 each! Gotta love garage sales. Combined with more hand-me-downs we have received we are set on clothes for several months, maybe even most of the first year. We also did our research for a double stroller and picked out 2 that would meet our needs. Of course they are at opposite ends of the price range so we will see what we end up getting. We liked the Chicco Together Double and the Baby Trend Double Sit and Stand. One of the main factors was if it would hold our car seat and how well it maneuvered. Lydia had fun riding in all the models while we were testing them out.

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend was on Sunday. While we were out on Saturday our Pastor called and told us that he would be giving us time on Sunday to share about our plans to join Wycliffe and to attend as many services as we could on Sunday. So we got up early and planned to go to the first 2 services. We ended up sharing at all 3. Today he preached about missions and why we support people who go. There was an insert in the bulletin listing the missionaries our church supports and is planning on supporting, we were included in the list. Several of the missionaries, who live or work locally were there to share about their work. It was exciting to have this early opportunity to tell people about what we are doing and for our church to begin praying about supporting us financially. The message that was preached can be downloaded from our church website, as soon as I get a copy and put it there, that’s my job. ;-)
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