Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Sister Prep

As Lydia will not even be 2 years old when she becomes a big sister there is little we can do to prepare her for how radically her life is going to change soon. But we are still trying. For awhile now I have not carried her as much. THis teaches her to walk and also gives mom's back a break. She is good at holding our hand and being independent. She has also begun doing some helpful daily tasks for mom and dad. She can pick thinks of the floor for mom and she knows where to put the empty recycling to go to the garage. When we are pulling laundry off the line outside she will take it from your hand and put it in the basket on the ground. She also likes to help load the dryer as well. Most recently one of the biggest things we have begun training her to do is to climb into the car and her car-seat by herself. She is getting heavy and more awkward for mom to lift her in and she likes the challenge of climbing in by herself. It will be such a big help when there are 2 to get in the car.

At church last night Lydia offered her baby doll to the 6m old baby in front of us. One more sign to us that she will be a very caring big sister to her baby brother. Some of her new interests are chalk and bubbles. THis weekend we introduced her to drawing with chalk on the driveway and she loves it. It is a very messy activity right now. SHe also like to play in the shower of bubbles that mommy blows for her. I am looking forward to milder weather to spend more time outside enjoying these activities and others as she grows up. She can climb on her tricycle by herself but is still to short to reach the pedals or ground to make herself move. And perhaps we will turn her swimming pool into a ball pit for the cooler months for some fun on the porch.
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