Friday, August 20, 2010

The Nursery

Maybe I'm getting close enough to this baby's arrival that I should finish the nursery. I finally did this morning. Well if you don't count the last minute gift from a friend that is coming. It was lots of fun to create everything that is in the room this time. I didn't purchase any set of bedding. My mom made the quilt on the wall. We started with that brainstorm in January and it looks amazing from what we started with. She also made the matching crib skirt as well. I made the other things in the room. The pillow case and quilt in the crib for Lydia to use. And the valence which matches the quilt on the wall but is only one fabric and not many. I painted the shapes on the wall much like what we had done for Lydia's nursery but this time everything is brighter. The quilt on the rocking chair was a gift. I painted the box on the dresser and a friend made the picture frame for my shower and offered to make a matching one for Lydia.

Caleb will actually be sleeping in the bassinet in our room initially so he won't be in here much but when he is it is full of things to look at.

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