Thursday, August 5, 2010

Other Blogs of Interest

Recently there have been a couple of posts on other blogs that might be of interest to my friends and family as our family embarks on this journey of joining Wycliffe as members.

The first is Written by Ruth Hubbard, Senior VP of Wycliffe USA. She writes about the complete process of translating scripture, in her post "Drafts and Checks" While we will not be a part of this work. Bob will be responsible for directly supporting the translators and the software that they use. This is different than what we does currently. Currently he supports the administration offices in Orlando FL and does not work with actually translation software.

The second article is more personal. The Schuh family currently is here in Orlando and are on assignment until they go over seas much like we are planning to do. This was first posted on their family blog and was re-posted on the Wycliffe USA blog. Sarah Schuh writes about the Great Sacrifice that the family is paying for them to join and serve Wycliffe. It is a sentiment that I have often thought about as we also prepare to join. The video clip that she mentions features our good friends the Winklers. Our friendship with the Winklers were a key part of our decision to pursue membership at this time.
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