Monday, September 6, 2010

2 Weeks Old

We have survived the first 2 weeks of being a family of 4. Lydia is warming up to having a little brother around and tries to help when she can. Bob is enjoying his extra time at home, and also eager to go back to work. I'm doing well with minimal naps and juggling the 2 kids.

Lydia is adjusting well to having to share mommy. She doesn't have any jealousy towards me. But she is jealous of having to share some of her things. She hates sharing her single strollers and her Ergo carrier. She enjoys sharing her bed when mommy needs to set Caleb down to change and tend to her. She likes to offer Caleb his pacifier and can say "paci" now too. She also likes to point out all the cool toys on his bouncer and swing. She likes to push him in his swing as well. She does play with her dolls more and I have reports from childcare that she plays with them there as well. She is on her way to being a nurturing big sister.

Bob has been great with getting up with Lydia in the mornings and changing and swaddling Caleb during the night. Bob lets Lydia help him make breakfast. She stands on our 2 step-step stool and can help at the counter. One evening this week we made cookies has a family and Lydia enjoyed being an important helper. The first week we were home Bob stayed home all week. THis past week he worked 1/2 days most of the week. This gave him time back at work and gave me some time to begin adjusting to life with two. We all succeeded. He will go back to work full time this coming week.

RIght before Caleb was born I signed up for a Community Bible Study Class. Its a national program with classes across the country. They also have a program for children. I decided it would be a good activity to do for me and a bonus of having Lydia in an organized program once a week. OUr first week was this week. Lydia did great in the childcare and brought home crafts and a coloring sheet. She has continued to color the sheet everyday since. I look forward to meeting some new ladies and having some time for personal growth during the next year. Caleb will be staying with me for now during the class. Nursing Caleb is going very well this time around. He is already filling out and will quickly be outgrowing his Newborn clothes. With Bob's help I have been able to attend the Breastfeeding Support program offered by the local hospital to have Caleb weighed before and after eating to see how much milk he is taking. IT is also a good time to ask questions and be with other new moms. I enjoyed going when Lydia was a newborn, but i don't know how much i will get to go with Caleb since Lydia isn't invited.

Caleb is doing well and growing very fast. His most recent weight was on Friday and he weighed 7lbs 6oz. He was 6.12 at birth and went as low as 6.7. Doctors like to see Babies return to their birth weight by 2 weeks. Caleb has far surpassed that goal. Ha has given us 1 wonderful night of 7 hours of sleep. Last night he gave us 3-4 hour stretches. We will take what we can get. Has he awake more we are enjoying getting to see his personality start to emerge. Unlike Lydia he is good at giving us the feeding cues so we don't have to wait for screams to feed him. Lydia tended to go straight for the screaming instead of the other common cues.

By popular demand we have a picture of Lydia "holding" her brother. She has asked to do this a couple times. But realizes how heavy he is when we give him to her on the couch and moves out of holding him.
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