Friday, October 29, 2010

Its All how you look at it.

Wednesday the battery light on our car came on. To most families this is not such a big deal, but we are a one car family so this is a big deal and full of stress. we made a plan and Bob took this morning off to take it to a shop to get looked at. It was the alternator. This is surprising because We got a new alternation last winter and new battery. The battery is low as well. So we made a plan and thought we had some time but soon discovered not. We drove the parts store and then took bob to work so a friend could come work on it after work. But we didn't get home before it died. It died so hard that jumping wasn't good enough. We now have a new battery and alternator to be installed. THrough it all I was thankful
-We had enough time to make a plan
-It died today and not yesterday, it was 10 degrees cooler today so sitting on the side of the road was nearly pleasant with the breeze
-I had the kids with me when it died and throughout it all neither one acted up or threw a fit, Caleb slept through it and Lydia was well behaved.
-Replacing the battery on the side of the road was much easier, and cheaper than having to have it towed.
-We have a friend willing to spend his free time to fix our car (we plan to pay him)
-Bob has generous Co-workers who can give him rides
-WE got some extra daddy time today while we were working together.
-We got to eat out for lunch while we waited for the battery
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