Sunday, October 3, 2010

Learning our letters

Lydia surprised us yesterday. We had some good friends over and they brought gifs for the kids. Caleb received a package of Disney bibs and Lydia received a set of magnetic letters. Lydia has a set of letters but now with 2 sets she can spell more words. As she was opening her letters She was identifying some of them correctly. I have not been intentional about teaching her anything besides what is in the books she read or through the toys she plays with. She has a favorite toys that is both a learning desk and piano. She plays with this every day and she can select for it to show how to write lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, draw shapes and a few select objects. Apparently she is learning more from this toy than we think. She identified Y, L, O, and a few others. I guess it is true what they saw about kids learning through play.
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