Friday, October 1, 2010

No More "Just Born"

This week we achieved a feat. Caleb is done with all his newborn assessments and procedures. Because we chose the non-traditional birth center for his birth, we were not immediately provided with all of the same services as at a traditional hospital. We had to schedule a visit to our pediatrician the day after he was born and also separately get his newborn hearing screening and circumcision done. The pater two things were completed this week. WE might have done them sooner but I was too overwhelmed to call and schedule and these were the first available appointments. But now it is a relief to have it all DONE!

We were able to weigh Caleb at his appointment today and he is a whopping 9 lbs. 10 oz. This is more than Lydia weighed at this age, and caleb was smaller at birth so he is growing faster and sticking to his 30% curve just fine. It is good to know he is growing so well on mama's milk alone. Lydia has added a new thing to bed time routine. She now asks to give Caleb a kiss before she goes to bed. She did this totally on her own. It makes us smile to know she loves her brother. Now, if we could get her to not want to "play"with him when he is sleeping...
We had another first this week. We ventured to SeaWorld as a group of 3. We met of one Lydia's friends there and had a good time. It was a successful first big outing. We have mostly had lots of appointments and errand to run when we are out so Lydia has to be well behaved and has not had a chance to run and play outside. It it finally starting to be comfortable weather again so yesterday after an appointment we headed to SeaWorld for her to play and have some fun. Caleb did great and slept through most of it. Here is a picture of Lydia and her friend Amy Grace.
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