Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our growing boy

So Caleb is making quite an addition to our family. He has a nice chill personality like Lydia did has a baby. He is not easily awoken by his sister's antics or voice. For this we can be thankful. Lydia continues to worm up to him and try and play with him. She has started using his name but as a toddler talks it sounds like "Cubbie" So now we have a new name for him. we shall see if the nickname sticks or she grows up to call him Caleb and what will us parents continue to use is yet to be seen.

He is also beginning to be a mover. Unlike Lydia he is still sleeping on his back. Lydia was much happier to sleep on her tummy at this age. He is still sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom and quickly outgrowing it. Last night after eating at 3 am i put him down straight in the middle of his bed and when he got up at 7 he had turned 45 degrees. We have mover on our hands.

This morning at my women's bible study he was quite the distraction. I have started lying him on the floor on a blanket if he is awake instead of trying to balance him in my arms and my study guide. Well today he decided to join the discussion. He happily laid in the middle of the group and giggled and cooed while dancing around. He was quite the entertainment for the ladies. Most of which are old enough to be his grandmother. It was quite fun.

In Lydia news, she has become more attached to her blanket and pillow since i made her matching ones for her bed with the new decor in her room. She likes to pretend to nap on the floor with a blanket and the pillows. Here are my 2 "sleeping" children.
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