Sunday, October 10, 2010


This spring i started a new hobby, scrapbooking. Bu I'm doing it differently. I'm doing it all on the computer. I found a website called ScrapbookFlair. It has a free downloadable program and lots of kits you can use to make your pages. Most of it is free and for a small membership fee you can download the really good stuff. I haven't started printing out the pages i have designed yet but i look forward to putting them all in books. Lydia likes to look through our photo album that includes her first 6 months. I had stopped printing pictures after that. She likes to identify mama and daddy in the pictures and Lydia too. I think it is faster to make my pages on the computer as well as cheaper. I don't have the cost of paper and stickers and printing pictures. And i have the flexibility to resize the pictures at will. Here are 2 of my recent pages. The first one is of an event at Wycliffe and the second is just a series of snapshots we took when Lydia was a year old.

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