Monday, November 15, 2010

First Family Road Trip

So we just returned from our first family road trip. It was a success. We drove 8 hours to the Atlanta area. Bob had the opportunity to attend a workshop through his office and the rest of us went to visit friends in the area. As soon as we found out about this excuse to go to our last home we took it. We had wanted to go back and visit but finding the time was an issue.

The trip started very smooth. Lydia wore a new outfit for the drive that we discovered at the last minute was already too small and the pants we picked out were too big, and we forgot to bring her booster seat. That was all we forgot. We left at 8 am and got to our destination by dinner easily, stopping 3 times. The return trip we were able to only stop twice. We stayed with some friends on the weekends and with Bob at his conference during the week. It was good to have our own space for the majority of the trip. During the week we ate our meals with daddy at the conference and did our own thing in between. I was able to meet several friends for coffee and reconnect.

One morning we went to story time at the local library. It was much better than the story-time we go to here at home. IT was a hour long and had lots of toys and props for the songs. The first 15-20 minutes was free play with lots of toys for all ages available; balls, tunnels, riding toys... Then they passed out books and families read together. After the books were collected the team of librarians read and acted out a story. Then we did rhymes and finer plays. For a teddy bear song they passed out bears to all the kids. For Old McDonald they had a bag of farm animals they used to show the animal we were singing about. Lydia had a good time and enjoyed it.

Caleb did well. He was well loved by the other people attending the workshop, many of them were grandparents themselves. He got spoiled and demanded to sit in our laps at meals. He didn't want to miss any of the action. He also found his thumb while we were gone. No more pacifier, hello thumb.

Bob learned a lot about mentoring that he is bringing back to work for them to think about implementing at the office. I enjoyed the change of scenery and enviroment. It was a great trip and wonderful to see so many old friends.

After his workshop was over we stayed again with our friends and Lydia got to make new friends when their small group was meeting. She also helped decorate their Christmas tree.
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