Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hearing from God

From the beginning of our marriage, our desire to serve God wherever he needed us was important. We believe that God is calling us to Nigeria at this time, for us ignore God’s providence would mean we would be denying our faith and what we know about God.
Either we would be considering our comfort and security more important than the commands we have been given by Almighty God who created us and to whom we have entrusted our lives. Or the second option, we would be denying our ability to hear God’s voice, and that we cannot trust our understanding of God's guidance. To declare either of these would be to deny our faith and everything we believe about the character and nature of God. We are unwilling to declare either of these statements.
We will trust God to protect our family and to provide for our needs as we follow what he has called us to do: move our family to Nigeria and serve the Translations and literacy work that is happening in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
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