Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last night we decide to take a family trip to SeaWorld. Lydia got really excited to go after her nap. We made our picnic dinner and loaded the car. We drove to the park, arriving at 5:30, we discovered it closed at 6, so by the time we would have gotten through security there would have been no time to do anything. Lydia was not happy and and we had a picnic dinner in the car, what to do?
Since we live in wonderful Tourist town there is lots to do. We decided to visit Downtown Disney, we hadn't been in about a year. Since we got our SeaWorld passes we had stopped going. We were pleasantly surprised by our evening. There were independent musical artists performing on the West End where we parked. We enjoyed a man playing guitar and a digeridoo (an australian instrument) And a trio of string musicians. We walked through Pleasure Island and went to the Marketplace. What we didn't realize was since it had been a year since we had visited, it was a totally new experience for Lydia. This made it lots more fun than we expected. She had a great time playing at the playground at the Lego Store. She was not intimidated by the other kids on the crowded structure at all. She also built some towers with the duplos at the Lego Store as well. For having to change our plans, we had a great night of adventure.
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