Monday, November 1, 2010

Technology in Bible Translation

In joining Wycliffe right now we are part of 2 awesome campaigns. The first is Vision 2025. The Goal of Vision 2025 is to start all the remains translation projects by 2025. So this plan is gaining the people and resources to achieve that goal. We have joined the team and will be contributing to that goal. Nigeria alone has over 300 languages left to start. The second campaign in the Last Languages Campaign. THis one was launched in November 2008, the same month we moved to Orlando and Bob started his job here at Wycliffe. The focus of the Last Languages Campaign is to raise the capital necessary to start all the projects of Vision 2025. We are in he think of what GOd is doing in Bible Translation. Next year in 2011, all the translation projects for the Americas will be started. In some areas Wycliffe offices are starting to close because he work is done, initially this sounds like a bad thing, but the work in accomplished its a great thing! One of the greatest assets to current translation projects is the technology we are able to use. The ORlando Sentinel published an article about it yesterday in the sunday paper. It highlights the use of technology by the translation teams in their work as well as the missionaries ability to stay connected to people at home. Check it out here.
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