Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Changes on the blog

If you have been reading this blog recently you have noticed we have some big changes coming in our family life. We are now members of Wycliffe USA and are preparing for our first assignment serving with Wycliffe Nigeria group.
I started this blog soon after we got married because immediately after getting married we packed up and moved from IL to GA. It was quite a change. I began blogging as a way to keep in touch with family and record what we were doing. We dreamed that one day we would be missionaries so it was good practice as well. That dream as come true and now we are going to begin being more intentional about our blog post and hopefully share about more than just our cute kids.
We desire our blog to be a place for our team of partners to learn about what we doing and what work Wycliffe is doing around the world. Bible Translation is changing people’s lives in very practical ways and we want to share that here. We also want it to be place for us to be real and share our lives. We are missionaries but we are also normal people and are not super spiritual or talented to serve God but merely willing to go and serve. We believe there is value in the work we are doing our current life with 1st world connivence is worth giving up.
So be on the look for some layout changes and hopefully more frequent postings.
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