Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at our House

Christmas was a drawn out process for us this year, our at least it felt that way.  My parents flew in on Tuesday before the holiday.  We were busy making last minute preparations the next few days, shopping for a couple of presents, baking cookies, wrapping said presents, stuffing socks.  On Christmas Eve I went out with my dad on his annual Christmas Eve shopping trip for my mom.  He wanted to get her some Florida inspired clothes.  We went to the church down the street and had our traditional Swedish Meatball dinner.  Lydia even got to stay up past her bedtime to eat with us.  

After the kids were in bed we set out the first round of presents.  The next morning we got to sleep in a little or as much as young kids let you.  We dressed the kids in their Christmas outfits for the day.  We had some family time before the Grandparents came for breakfast.  Lydia had 3 Christmas dresses this year from a friend and we had to buy one for Caleb but they both got lots of wear out of them between Sunday church and Christmas parties.   

Bob's family had a tradition of french toast for breakfast and we have continued that tradition.  We planned breakfast so the grandparents would know when to show up but we had time before so we made a handprint wreath with Lydia to pass the time.  She enjoyed coloring and was surprisingly patient when we traced her hands.  While Bob started the toast, I cut out 12 little handprints and Lydia helped me stick them together using double stick tape.  Caleb enjoyed watching the project in his new seat at the table.  

After breakfast we let her open a few presents.  She opened them one at a time and when she got bored with it she could open the next.  She got some Fisher Price Little People, Foam blocks, a Foam playmat and a puzzle.  She got silly climbing on daddy and throwing the foam blocks.  Not to leave Caleb out, he got to open an few too.  He got a tray for his bumbo seat and some toy cars.  

We were slow at opening presents in the morning because the last family member had yet to arrive. My brother was in Florida with his girlfriend's family about 3 hours away.  My dad picked him up at 2 and when they got back we had more Christmas.  While they were gone we made more cookies and decorated them with icing and sprinkles.  
Lydia did a great job making festive colorful cookies.  When Kevin and Grandpa arrived we did the rest of Christmas gifts.  We opened our socks and the rest of the mountain of presents under the tree.  Grandpa was the most surprised by one of his gifts, a new GPS system for the car!  We ate another family meal for Christmas dinner, Cheese Fondue.  Ham is not a meal that everyone looks forward to so we substituted with the family favorites.  It was the first Christmas in 4 years that we were all together, making it extra special.  
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