Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I usually write about he kids for that is what my life is mostly consumed with these days as a mother of little ones. I do enjoy sharing about them and all their antics for our family far away. But its time I start writing about the other 1/2 of the family, those of us who are far less cute, but doing big things for God.
We are over 1/3 done with our training as new members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. We are in the middle of 6 weeks of an online course before we attend our 2 -week course in person here in Orlando. We have been learning valuable information about how to stay spiritually healthy and refreshed as well as learning how Wycliffe works as an organization, how our finances with work, and beginning to learn about building our partnership team. Staying Spiritually healthy is a big deal as a missionary. Most of the time it will be difficult for us to find a good church and we will have to rely on our own habits and tools to not burn out and grow in our faith. The American church has gotten really good at causing the members to rely on it for programming and activities for growth. Classes, small groups, sermon series, all are great but not easy to do from a far. So we are learning to intentionally gather tools that will allow us to succeed at growth. As a mom of little ones I have a hard time having a scheduled time to meet with God personally and study his word. My current strategy is disappearing to my bedroom while Lydia is getting her daily dose of Sesame Street. The tools I am currently using are my Community Bible Study work book. We just started studying the Book of Daniel. I like the CBS program because it gives me accountability with weekly discussion and lectures. I also have sought out several Christian blogs that I read throughout the day for encouragement. Right now this is a system that works for me. We will see what happens in a few months, it may look different.
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