Thursday, December 2, 2010

Roly-Polly Volcano

A roly-poly volcano was something I encountered last night. Caleb learned this week (13 weeks old) to roll from back to front. And he wasn't happy about it. Last night between rolling over he spit up quite a bit, he must not have liked what mom had for lunch. He went through 3 outfits in 3 hours, not counting the spot up that was on the floor. He learned the skill very fast. Lydia got stuck on her side for several weeks before actually rolling. Caleb figured it out in a matter of hours. Lydia doesn't like this new development. She goes over and rolls Caleb back to his back. I don't think she realizes he is going to grow up. She is in for a big surprise. Caleb has also started reaching for and grabbing things like the toys on his playmat. When he does this Lydia takes them away from him because she doesn't understand that he has his own toys and can actually begin to play with them.

"Why yes mommy I know its Christmas but these easter eggs are so much more fun than stocking and trees"
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