Monday, December 20, 2010

This Christmas Season

This year the Christmas season has been a challenge for me. I have had to focus on simplifying and slowing down. Your expectations can't be as high with 2 little ones. We got the tree up and decorated some other places but the nativity never made it out, and not a single batch of Christmas cookies have been made yet. We did watch any christmas specials on TV and only listened to the Christmas music on the radio in the car. We have been busy with life on top of Christmas this year.

One night when I was having trouble falling asleep I found a devotional on the web, you can read it HERE. Its from Missionary Moms and talks about using Silent Night as a focus for the Christmas Season. Focusing on the Silent, Holy, Calm and Bright. I have continued to think about this since I read the devotional. It has given us more peace and focus this year. Merry Christmas
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