Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten of 2010

  1. Cynthia discovered Scrapbooking- From some friends and others I explored digital scrapbooking and have found a new hobby.  Its a great way to preserve our memories and use all of the thousands of pictures Cynthia takes.  
  2. Lydia learned to walk and talk- Our baby girl has become a little girl.  She learned to walk in March and started talking in the summer.  Its fun to watch her communicate and what words she picks up. 
  3. Joining CBS- Cynthia joined a Community Bible Study class this year.  It gives her accountability for her personal study and fellowship.  Lydia has her own class as well.  
  4. Teaching VBS together- Something Bob and I haven’t done much of is working together on projects at church since the kids were born.  THis year we worked together to teach the missions session of Vacation Bible School and had a great time.  We brought in guests and told stories about the missionaries the church supports to the kids.  
  5. SeaWorld Passes- For Cynthia’s birthday we were given annual passes to SeaWorld.  THey have been well worth the price with trips taken at least monthly and several playdates and meet ups as well.  In October we went to a Sesame Street Character Breakfast and Lydia got to see Elmo up close.  
  6. Disney World- Lydia in her short life visited Disney World twice this year.  In February Cynthia and Lydia went with a group of friends from playgroup, and in May someone gave us tickets for helping them out, and all 3 of us went.  
  7. Grandpa’s passing- Cynthia’s Grandpa passed away in May, after an unexpected illness with Pneumonia.  HIs 4 children were able to make it home in time, and his Life was celebrated in July when everyone could be together.  
  8. Sharing the Holidays with family- this year we celebrated major holidays with both families, here in Florida.  Bob’s family came for Thanksgiving and Cynthia’s family came for Christmas.  It was the first Christmas we celebrated with family in our young married life.  
  9. Joining Wycliffe- In March we decided to  join Wycliffe Bible Translators as supported missionaries and pursue an assignment in Nigeria.  THis will be consuming most of  our lives for next year as well, as we prepare and train for our assignment.  
  10. Caleb’s birth- We added another member to the family this year, when Caleb was born in August.  He is growing fast already and was rolling 360 degrees at Christmas.  He is well loved by his sister.  
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