Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wycliffe Wednesday: Published!

Something cool happened recently that Cynthia encouraged me to share here: one of the projects I've started since becoming lead technician here in Orlando Customer Service Team is a blog, where different ones of us on the team post something semi-weekly to inform those we're serving. It's hosted on our corporate intranet site for collaboration within Wycliffe USA. Sometimes it's computer tips, sometimes warnings about viruses, sometimes policy updates or clarifications, etc. I've been working on keeping it going for over a year now.
I recently did a three-part series entitled "Why is my computer so slow?", handling a variety of computer maintenance things that can be done to improve a computer's performance and lifespan. Somehow it came to the attention of Mark Nelson, a supervisor at JAARS who helps publish the Computer Support Newsletter, a monthly newsletter containing IT news and tips that goes out to interested Wycliffe members all around the world. He asked me if he could include those articles in there, and I said that was fine. It felt like an encouragement and a vindication of the work I've been doing.
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