Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wycliffe Wednesday

**One of our new regular posts will be updates on our membership and Partner Development with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Here is the first in the series.**

We have been busy getting started as members of Wycliffe. Our online training is almost over. We have weekly assignments that introduce us to the organization and how things work. SOme of the topics have been, Spiritual health, History of Wycliffe, Organizational Structure, Third Culture Kids, Employment Paperwork, and Biblical FOundation for Partnership Development. The lessons have been interesting and very valuable in preparing us for our new careers in Wycliffe.
Monday, Bob and I had an important meeting with our Personnel Assistant, who is helping us get everything ready. SHe had prepared our ministry budget and was explaining it to us. Several of the budget items are provided by the Nigeria Group office like our cost of living and rent. The numbers may change but for now we have a goal for our ministry needs.
The meeting was especially interesting because we were interrupted by a fire alarm. Going outside in December would not normally be an issue in Florida, but it is COLD right now. Winter coats are out of the closet, and we didn’t have ours during the alarm. As we resumed our meeting, a group of carolers from various departments came caroling. It was also nice to fit in a lunch date as well. We scheduled our meeting for after lunch and I got a babysitter and left the kids at home.
We are still in need of support for our EQUIP training in January, if you would like to help us with this please let us know.
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