Sunday, January 16, 2011

EQUIP: day 1

We are here, in the quiet morning before day 2, first full day of training, though I do think we have a nice long break this afternoon.  Let me share with you yesterday’s eventful day even with no major traveling to get here.  
Friday afternoon Lydia developed at fever and I became concerned.  I initially decided it was related to an immunizations she had had earlier in the week that had shown some signs of reaction.  I gave her Tylenol and tried not to dwell on it while I was packing for EQUIP.  At 5 am when she woke up moaning and crying her fever was now 102.  THe Tylenol had brought it down but it was now even higher.  Decision made Doctor visit in the morning.  We got up early and went to Urgent care at 9 and when the nurse called up back her Temp was up to 103.  THey gave her some Motrin immediately and checked her out.  Diagnosis: Tonsillitis or Strep.  They don’t do a throat culture this young because it is hard to get cooperation from the patient.  She was given a prescription for a liquid z-pack or intensive antibiotic.  We went home and finished packing and picked up the prescription on the way to the Wycliffe office.  
As we were driving in the Wycliffe campus finding exactly where to go it hit me, we were now one of “them”.  The families I had seen coming for training on the brink of the adventure of a life time.  Lydia got a nap on the way the office and slept in the car while we unloaded.  Then we went and met our leaders and had some ice cream.  We have to keep Lydia apart from everyone so she doesn’t get anyone else sick.  So we began tag teaming.  Lydia went back to our apartment with Bob and Caleb who was asleep in his carrier stayed with me.  I attended the parents meeting to meet Lydia’s teachers for the next 2 weeks and filled out paperwork.  We met up with everyone for dinner and then The real fun began.  
After dinner Caleb went to childcare, Lydia stayed home with daddy and mommy got to worship.  It was the first time in a long time that I can remember just loud praise coming form such a small group of people.  It was exhilarating.  After our musical worship we watched a short video of a scripture dedication in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  The video reminded me why I signed up for this.  Then our leader reminded us that everyone in the group were deeply moved by the video and the ideas behind and thats why we were all here, to be Equipped to join in.  
Then it hit me, these people I am sitting with and will be working with for the next 2 weeks, get it.  THey understand the state of chaos we are beginning as a family, and yet the excitement behind it.  These people understand the desires of my heart to do crazy things, to take my children somewhere most people would consider unsafe.  We are here together to be prepared and encourage one another as we begin this journey.  
THis morning Lydia woke up fever free!  We are very happy.  We will take turns staying with her this morning and tomorrow she will join her classmates in childcare.  She is eager to meet her new friends.  THere are some great volunteers who are caring for the children.  
This morning us adults are sharing our stories with one another, of how God has lead us to Wycliffe right now.  There are some amazing stories in this group.  I can’t wait to hear some of them.  We will also be bathing one another in prayer as we share.  
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