Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Update

Bob- He is still enjoying his job and work and is thankful for a job that he actually doesn't look forward to leaving.  He had the discussion with his supervisor recently about how the transition would work at the office and when it would happen.  Its getting scary the closer we get to actually taking these steps of faith towards Nigeria.  Bob quitting his job will be one of the biggest.

Cynthia- I'm writing this on my birthday.  Though we celebrated all weekend and don't have anything left for today.  Last night we got a babysitter and went to Red Lobster with some good friends, the Winklers,  we were able to begin to ask them our long list of questions about life in Nigeria and all the details of getting there.  Bob got me a new bluetooth mouse for my new computer I got before Christmas.

Lydia- Its her birthday today too.  She celebrated her birthday on saturday with a trip to SeaWorld meeting up with several of her friends.   She really likes to see the Sharks, Dolphins and Fishies.  We had a special pizza party for her for dinner and let her open her presents on Saturday as well.  She got more Fisher Price Little People, a movie, and some felt food for her play kitchen.  She is starting to play more pretend which is fun to watch, whether its nursing her baby doll and putting her to bed, or making a hot dog or soup in her kitchen.  She is also enjoying sorting and lining up her cars and little people.  She knows over half her alphabet and most of her numbers 1-10.  We even taught her to say "lydia is 2" when we ask her how old she is.

Caleb- This little guy is ready to move.  He has learned to roll both directions and moves around quite a bit when he is lying on the floor, we can sometimes find him 10 ft from where we laid him.  between rolling and scooting he gets around.  He is nearly sitting up unassisted.  He can sit for a few seconds by himself before falling forward in to his lap.  He enjoys sitting with the family at meal times in his highchair.  We have chosen to wait to start solid foods until closer to 6 months but he has had a couple tastes and seems to tolerate it fine.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us as we attend our EQUIP training here in Orlando.  We will be posting more about it later this week and how you can pray specifically for us.
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