Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: Birthday Girl

My birthday is only 15 days after Christmas and so is Lydia's since she was born on my birthday.  Growing up I always wished the Christmas tree would still be up on my birthday so my birthday presents could go under the tree. But having a real tree that never happened.  Well this year Lydia got to have the Christmas tree up on her birthday because mom just hasn't had the time to take it down.  At this rate it may very well be up until February.

We celebrated Lydia's second birthday by meeting several of her friends at SeaWorld on Saturday.  She helped decorate some cookies for her birthday treats for the party.  She got to see the Sharks and went on her first ride the Jumping Jellyfish.  After a good nap when we got home she had a pizza party with daddy and she got to open her presents.  She enjoyed her special day, and will happily tell you, "Lydia 2"
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