Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wycliffe Wednesday: EQUIP week 1

It's Wednesday, and we have been in training since Saturday, but yesterday was the first normal day of training for us Herens. Lydia had gotten sick on Friday, taken to the Dr on Saturday, complication on Monday & back to the doctor, finally heathy and fever free on Tuesday and in childcare. While Lydia was sick we had to take turns attending the sessions so one of us could stay with our sick child and not expose others to whatever the bug was. We were thankful to have a friend volunteer over Facebook to come sit with Lydia on Monday so we could attend class together for the first time. We are also thankful we are local to the training so seeing the doctor just meant calling our own pediatrician. There were 2 other children who arrived sick who did not have that luxury. All the children are feeling better and are healthy at this time. Caleb is getting spoiled by the team of volunteers watching the kids and we are told that Lydia has begun using “mine” in reference to Caleb, in the nursery.
We are learning a lot of good information. Our brains are packed full at the end of each day. We have learned about spiritual warfare, dealing with transitions, details on the translation process, how finances are handled, and have had our picture taken more than once. The training really isn't sequential; it jumps from topic to topic at each session, so it's hard to keep everything mentally organized. We are trying to be sponges absorbing everything we are being taught so we can return home and put it all in to practice. Today, EQUIP will the theme for Wycliffe USA's chapel time called EnterMission. We will all be introduced and a few of our classmates will be sharing their stories.   
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