Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wycliffe Wednesday: EQUIP

We wanted to thank everyone for being part of our journey to join Wycliffe Bible Translators through your prayers and encouragement. Please remember us throughout the next 2 weeks (January 15-29) as we attend our official Wycliffe training, called EQUIP. We will be learning a variety of things, including strategies to build our team of prayer and financial  partners.  Our next step after our training will be building our prayer and financial support teams so we can serve the Lord in Nigeria. 
Please pray for us in the following areas:
  • Lydia: That she does well in the childcare setting, learns well and enjoys the company of the other preschoolers.  
  • Caleb: that he is able to handle the unfamiliar setting and schedule for the two weeks, and is able to adjust to the different caregivers
  • Cynthia: that she'll be able to be at peace with the kids in childcare every day all day and sleep well and handle the stress on her and the kids.
  • Bob: that he'll be able to stay in the Word consistently, listen clearly to God, learn what is needed from the experts here in Orlando, and make clear-minded decisions.
  • Future: pray for the plans that we will make during EQUIP about how to invest our time, money and effort to raise the support we will need to get to Nigeria.  Please pray for wisdom and for us to be sensitive to God's direction.
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